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Ultra-High Definition (UHD) LED Displays

Super HD Image Quality, High Definition, High Contrast, High Refresh Rate,Noise-free, Energy Saving


1.Super HD Image Quality, High Definition, High Contrast, High Refresh Rate,Noise-free, Energy Saving

2.  Modules and cabinets dual front maintenance ways, no need maintenance channel

3.The SMD (3-in-1) LED package provides wider viewing angles and extremely close viewing distances.

4.Advanced video processing produces crystal-clear, detailed images with smooth motion reproductions.

5.Image feeds delivered in both standard and high-definition formats.

6.Full-depth image calibration in the factory and in the field provides for a uniform display picture.

7.Integrates seamlessly with a variety of other video products.

Application: Indoor Video Demo For Conference Room, TV Station, Security monitoring, Cinem, Classroom, Hospital,Airport,Shopping Mall, Exhibitions 


Models Optional:


Cabinets Design

Cabinet Size: 400(L)x300(H)x40 (T)mm  


Weight: 3 Kg/pc


Maintenance Way: Modules and cabinets dual front maintenance ways, no need maintenance channel



Project Cases




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