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LED Fence Display and Scoreboard

Large viewing distance, work stable, HD image quality

Professional use for stadiums and all kinds of sports events. 

Large viewing distance, work stable, HD image quality, remote cloud control, durable, long lifespan 5~10 years, noise-free, energy saving, environmental protection. Wide viewing angle, soft surface masks, anti-impacts from balls and protect athletes.



Model: p10 indoor and outdoor

Pixel pitch: 10 mm                                                     

Resolution: 10,000 dots/m² (  HD)

Brightness: 6500  nits                                                                                                                                                   

Viewing distance: 10 meters ~1000 meters

Refresh rate:1920 HZ

Lifespan: 8~10 years

Cabinet: 960x960 mm, 1280x960 mm opional  

Case's picutures


Cabinet picture 960x960 mm


Cabinet picture 1280x960 mm


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