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Freeform LED media facade elements release you from the limitations of traditional video products. They are adaptable to fit a wide variety of applications including architectural lighting, dynamic channel lettering, providing transparency to video displays, and media facades. Enhance structural designs into visual landmarks with colorful animations and effects.




Incorporate LED video lighting and graphics into formats determined by the building architecture.




Transform windows, building walls, stages and concourses with see-through video backdrops.

Flexible, soft,transparent, super lightweight 1 Kg/m² ~5Kg/m² , super engergy saving 30W/m².

Waterproof IP68, dust-proof,ultraviolet-proof, noise-free, endure high-temperature, corrosion resisting. Work stable in 365 days 24 hours at any weather.  




Technical Specifications:

Series: Super Hero
Product Code: SH-p56.25-6
Pixel pitch: 56.25 mm                                                                                                 

LED Types: 6 pcs Gold SMD3535
Resolution: 316 dots/m² (HD)                                                                                  

IP: IP65 (Waterproof)                                                               
Transparency rate: 85%                                             
IC:UCS 5603
Refresh rate: 2000 HZ                                                                      
Module Size: 450(W)x7200(H) mm (Customized freely)                          
Weight: 5 Kg/m²                                                            
Av. Power consumption: 120 W/m² 
Max. Power consumption: 400 W/m² 
Brightness: 5100 nits (High brightness, both for day & night)
Lifespan: 10 years                                                   
Framework colors: Transparent /black
Pixel pitchs available 37.5 mm, 50 mm, 56.25 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm,160 mm,200 mm,300 mm, other pixels are customized. 





Brightness range from 300 nits to 7500 nits. Both for indoor & outdoor, day & night, for HD video advertising and visual decoration.





Hang up installation,easy to install, no need complex steel constructions. Save a lots of installation materials cost and human cost.




For large-scale events 





For lighting decoration






Spare parts

Sub controller with 8 output ports, built-in 2 pcs Meanwell power supplies 600W.




Power supply cable, standard size 5 meters.



Sub-Power supply cable, standard size 0.5 meter.


Sub-signal cable, standard size 0.5 meter.


Architectural and free form LED media facades displays can turn any building facade into a dynamic communications medium while not concealing the architecture behind it. Mount it over a glass facade or solid facade or in front of windows ,knowing that the finished solution is free from visible cabling and delivers a clean, transparent viewing experience for those within the building. The  textile-like transparent & soft led video wall provides a modern, urban feel while the thin-profile design – less than one inch deep – provides an elegant, refined structural appearance.




Huaxia is the world's leading producer of LED video displays.

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Huaxia is the world's leading producer of LED video displays.
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