Huaxia Launch Out 3th Generation Outdoor LED Mesh Display

Super lightweight: 14 Kg/㎡ VS (Regular display 55 kg/㎡), energy saving 70% , 50W/㎡, VS (regular display 300W/㎡,save lots of power costs), high brightness 6500~10000 nits VS (regular display 6000 nits), No need complicated steel structure, VS Regular display must to do expensive steel structure, with cooling effect perfect, no need air conditon in summer, VS Regular display must to install air conditon in summer

Huaxia Outdoor LED Mesh Display,perfect solution for next generation advertising, super lightweight and energy-savin, no need install air-conditioning in summer !


Super lightweight: 14 Kg/㎡ VS (Regular display 55 kg/㎡), energy saving 70% , 50W/㎡, VS (regular display 300W/㎡,save lots of power costs), high brightness 6500~10000 nits VS (regular display 6000 nits), No need complicated steel structure, VS Regular display must to do expensive steel structure, with cooling effect perfect, no need air conditon in summer, VS Regular display must to install air conditon in summer.


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Huaxia is the world's leading producer of LED displays, and  No.1 brand in China channel sales.

Huaxia has 20 years experience in the field of led screens,most of the projects we done are key projects, include world cup 2018, world cup 2014,world cup 2010.Huaxia built China largest led modules manufacturing,our manufacturing capacity is 20,000 sq.m per month,our annual sales  is 6 billion US dollars,

Publicly traded company,financial stable ! 

You are welcome to visit our factory in Shenzhen city of China.

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