How to choose LED Media Facade Mesh Display Screen?

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                             How to choose LED Media Facade Mesh Display Screen?

Need to make clear below questions before choose a suitable LED media facade solution.

1. For indoor or outdoor installation?

The media facade must has waterproof capacity IP65 if for outdoor installation, below picture is outdoor installation.

The media facade will be installed outside of architectural surface. Can't see the building glass structure, the image quality much better.



No need waterproof if only for indoor install. Below picture was installed at indoor. No need to endure harsh environment, can improve the lifetime of media facade.



2. If need to play videos at daytime & at night or only at night?

The brightness  is very different for daytime and night.

The brightness at least needs 5500 nits if need to play ads videos at daytime. See below case picture was took at daytime.



For night operation, 800 nits ~ 1200 nits is fine. See below case picture was took at evening.

3. Need to play HD videos or just for visual effect?

Need to choose the high resolution model for play HD videos. Pixel pitch 37.5 is the high resolution with high brightness both for daytime and night viewing.



Can choose low resolution pixel pitch 56 mm and pixel pitch 100 mm for night vewing.



4. If need to have flexible & curvable function?

Some of buildings are curved, need to use lightweight and flexible LED media facade, can not use flat panel media facade.

Our exclusive design LED media facade is transparent and flexible. Good for any type buildings' facades.




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Huaxia is the world's leading producer of LED video displays.
Publicly traded company,  financial stable !
CE, EMC,RoHS,ETL,FCC,ISO 9001,ISO14001 compliance.


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