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LED Digital Billboards

High Brightness, Waterproof, HD Image Quality, Remote Control




Video test in Huaia factory, full-depth image calibration in the factory and in the field provides for a uniform display picture.      


Huaxia Spacecraft series elegant and high-profile led panel design, die-casting aluminum material.
High installation precision +/-0.05 mm.



Front & rear maintenance,dual signal ports, comply to UL,CE,RoHS standards.




Pixel pitch p3.2 mm,4mm, 5.33 mm, 6.4 mm,8 mm,10.66 mm,12.8 mm, 16 mm.

Unit cabinet size: 1024x768 mm.Lightweight, only 25 Kg.



Easy to install & dismantle



1. Professional use for out-of-home digital advertising

2. Has functions of intelligent remote control, adjust brightness higher at daytime and lower at night automatically, self-working and off-duty at regular time.

3. Advanced video processing produces crystal-clear, detailed images with smooth motion reproductions.

4.High brightness,waterproof IP65, dust-proof,ultraviolet-proof, noise-free, endure high-temperature, corrosion resisting. Work stable in 365 days 24 hours at any weather.

5.Low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.




Sparet parts packing,every kind of spare part will package independent, very regular, and the quantity of spare parts is plenitudinous.




Wooden case packing, very reliable wooden cases





Huaxia is the world's leading producer of large-format LED displays.

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