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Transparent LED Displays For Showcase and Glass Wall

High transparence rate max.93%, hidden installation, slim,lightweight 13Kg/ m²

Eye-catching,offers 3D amazing visual effect,transparent LED video walls can be used for both promotional and architectural decoration.




They can also function as a virtual catalogue of accessories and products. In fashion,cosmetics and electronics retail stores applications, shoppers also can use the transparent to digitally view how a particular product would look, to enable more informed purchasing decisions.




New exclusive high-profile design,no visible frameworks and cables, delivers a clean, transparent viewing experience,very slim, easy and fast to assemble and disassemble, very lightweight.

Unit cabinet size 1000(W mm )x 500(H) mm




1.Patent exclusive technology: side-emitting light

2.High transparence rate max.90%,hidden installation

4.Slim,Lightweight 13Kg/ m²,easy and fast to install

5.Front maintenance,simple to mainten

6. High end customization, any shapes and sizes are custom-tailor available, round,curve any shapes.

7.Exquisite,high taste, offer state-of-the-art amazing visual experience to every user.



Pixel pitch 3.91 mm, 7.8 mm and 10.4 mm,16mm, 20 mm optional.

High brightness and low brightness available.



Use pantent  exclusive side-emitting light technology,offer convenient front maintenance,no need any tools, any freshman can do maintenance very easily and fastly.Only need to pull it out the bad led strip and insert a new led strip. This process only take 2 s.These obvious advantages can help customers to save lots of maintenance costs and time in the future.




Packing with elegant mobile flight case



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